Plans for Churchyard

Wild Flowers

The area shaded green on the plan is ideal for natural flowers and plants to help pollination. Mowing would be limited to to twice a year.  This area will have information boards. 

Pathways will be mown around graves and to demonstrate that this area of the churchyard is not neglected or ‘abandoned’. 


The  pathway that leads from just inside the main church gate to the east end of the church is in disrepair and in need of renovation. The surface is poor and the path is not wide enough for wheelchairs nor even enough for those who may have  walking difficulties. 

Shrubs & Brambles

The shrubs to the left of the side path have been neglected and need to be cut back and managed. 

The edge of the prospective wildflower area is overgrown with brambles which are damaging the boundary wall and encroaching on the graveyard.  These need to be removed.

A haven for wildlife

The churchyard is a haven for wildlife and this can be enhanced and encouraged. For example: bees, insects, birds, hedgehogs and many others.  Providing habitats such as log-piles, bat and bird boxes, hedgehog houses and so on can enhance this area.

A quiet place

There is currently only one bench in the churchyard. We suggest a number of benches around the pathways to enable visitors to rest, enjoy the space and contemplate. 


Involving Stoke Fleming Primary School in projects such as  a bug hotel, a hedgehog house along with bird and bat boxes. 

Local history can be explored via the people buried in the Churchyard.