Kitchen and WC Project


FoSP is embarking on a long term project to help with the improvements to the church kitchen and toilet areas.  Faculty (planning permission) has been applied for and a response is expected during April.


We believe that the church is a valuable community asset and will be more widely used as a venue with these improvements.


Views of the existing kitchen and the back of the church

Renovation Overview

Some pews will be removed from the back of the church and a main serving part of the kitchen will be installed there.  Meanwhile in the existing kitchen area a larger toilet will be created with wide doorway and changing facilities for babies and toddlers. In the newly refurbished "washing up area" a professional dishwasher, new sink and water heater plus new window will be installed.


The door from the washing up area to the new servery will be removed and a wider entrance created.  Heating elements for saucepans and hideaway oven plus separate microwave will be provided here.


The Architect's sketch below shows the proposed layout.


The servery will be faced with oak and oak fronted units in a U shape placed as shown below.  The light oak and brushed steel handles will match the existing balcony.  New carpet will be provided, with non slip surfaces inside the servery.  Mottled cream Corian surfaces will be used.