The Friends of St Peter's (FoSP) is following the precedent of other villages, where local people like an easy way to be able to contribute to the care and community value of the church building, its contents and the churchyard, even if they are not involved in the devotional life of the church itself.  FoSP is a non-sectarian group that values the church and churchyard as a valuable asset to the Stoke Fleming community and appreciates their history and beauty.


If you would like to contribute to our work to enhance of St Peter's church and churchyard by becoming a member of the Friends, or simply donating, please click on the button below.


The Friends' fund is entirely separate from the normal running costs of the church, which are met by the congregation (in Stoke Fleming currently around £26,000 pa).

You do not have to be a church goer to support this important and beautiful asset to such a special village. 

Stoke Fleming has retained its church only because previous generations have looked after it, through hard times and good, for their successors.  We are so lucky to live in very active village; what sort of legacy do we wish to leave for those who come after us?

FoSP has started a major new project to enhance and manage St Peter's churchyard to create a pleasant and reflective place, for the whole Stoke Fleming community and visitors to the village.  We intend to improve the biodiversity of this special area, concentrating on accessibility and sustainability, by managing our churchyard for the enjoyment of nature. 


For full details of the project, and to see how you can help, see the Stoke Fleming Living Churchyard website.