The Friends of St Peter's is following the precedent of other villages, where local people like an easy way to be able to contribute to the maintenance of the church building, its contents and the churchyard, even if they are not involved in the life of the church itself.


The Friends' fund is entirely separated from the normal running costs of the church, which are met by the congregation (in Stoke Fleming currently around £26,000 pa).

We believe the Parish of Stoke Fleming needs to be able to fly a flag in commemoration or for celebration, so please help us to replace the old Community Flagpole last flown in memory of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and now no longer fit for use.


We are organising a Photo competition for Mobile Phones.

Only £5 to enter for 5 photos round the Parish in the categories of:

·      Views

·      Closeup

·      Quirky  (i.e. something ‘odd’, ‘out of the ordinary’, ‘from a different angle’)


Kindly sponsored by Michael Sutton’s Cellar, we hope to raise enough to provide a new flagpole on top of St Peter’s Church in memory of Prince Philip.


The competition will run throughout July and August and full instructions can be found on this page.  


If you don’t want to participate in the competition, please consider making a donation.


The PayPal button can be used for those without a PayPal account – just use ‘PayPal Checkout’ after specifying the amount and it will give you the option to use a Credit/Debit card.


Alternatively you can make an internet payment direct to our account at: 

Sort Code 30 98 69, Account: 25581960

Please add ‘Flag Pole’ to the reference if you are just donating or ‘Photo Comp’ if you also want to take part in the competition. 


You can also put money in an envelope with a note and leave it for FOSP at the Village Shop.


Send an email to to let us know you have entered and we will send you full instructions.

You do not have to be a church goer to support this important and beautiful asset to such a special village. 

Stoke Fleming has retained its church only because previous generations have looked after it, through hard times and good, for their successors.  We are so lucky to live in very active village; what sort of legacy do we wish to leave for those who come after us?

How to Join

Submit our on-line Application Form


Or download our hardcopy form below

How to Join
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